USA NFTs were launched on 9th of August 2021.

This roadmap is interactive plan, that highlights the milestones, that we want to achieve.

Phase 1

Launch - Completed
  • USA Coin launch

  • website launch
  • Social media registration (Twitter, Telegram, Instagram)
  • Apply for Industrial and Community design protection
  • Launch NFTs on
  • Publish article about USA NFTs on Yahoo Finance and MarketWatch
  • Get project reviewed by famous youtuber
  • Reach 20 owners
  • Volume traded more than 5 Ethereum

Phase 2

Media - Completed

Phase 3

Growth - In progress
  • Extend the USA NFTs series for USA Cities, districts and territories
  • Promote project on Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and other medias
  • Register USA Coin on CoinGecko and other tracking websites
  • Reach 40 owners
  • Volume traded more than 50 Ethereum
  • Expand the electronic map
  • Extended media coverage for the USA NFTs project
  • Increase use cases for the USA Coin
  • Volume traded more than 100 Ethereum

Phase 4

Success - Pending

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